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The doctors of our generation are breaking the elitist compartment.
They are coming out in open to talk to you-
even when you feel you are doing perfectly fine.
A healthy lifestyle and timely screening are important elements of staying healthy.

Follow Up Consultation

Chronic diseases, post surgical, follow up? You don't have to travel all the way to the hospital anymore.

Appoinment Booking

You would like to get connected with doctors from home after visiting him once in clinic/hospital. You are having questions that need to be answered.

Back Pain
Non-Emergency Conditions

Back pain, cold, flu, a baby at home? Call us early to save the hassle.

Mother and child

We provide, support to meet your anxiety over the nine months of pregnency, nursing and we care for your child.


An itch, a red patch, a blister?
We are here to help.

Confuse About Test
Second Opinion

Before taking an important decision. Also cross check with another doctor before an expensive test.

Alternative Medicine
Wellness & Holistic Health services

I want to talk to ayurvedic, unani doctor or a homeopath?
Call us.

Nutritionist and Dietitian
Wellness & Holistic Health services

We have a nutritionist to custom tailor a diet for you.

Wellness & Holistic Health services

Recovering from an old stuff or an old accident?
Our physiotherapist are here to help you.

Wellness & Holistic Health services

You want to consult with Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Ayurvedic etc.

Risk of Self Medication

Eliminate fradulent medical practitioners. You don't have to rely on untrained pharmacist for your medicine. We have a doctor to answer your calls.

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