Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hellodoctor24x7?

We are an online market place for healthcare. Now, You could talk to your Doctor from anywhere at any time. You just need to activate your mobile for this facility.
For activation you could pay online through net banking or from mobile balance. For this please visit

How much do I need to pay for Tele-consultations?

The cost of Hellodoctor24x7 services vary from doctors to doctors according to their specializations. Doctors decide teleconsultation charges based on call charges per minute.

Who are the doctors in your panel?

Board-certified: MCI (medical council of India) board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics , gynecologist & other specialists and super-specialists.
Experienced: All the doctors have more than 5 years of clinical expertise. They understand and resolve patient's problem over the phone.

Do I save money by calling HelloDoctor24x7?

Recent studies indicate that 70% of all doctor office visits due to common conditions are unnecessary. We provide access to doctors 24x7. Avoiding the cost of visiting an OPD, when it is not necessary, saves your time and money, as well as first attender costs.

Are doctors on your panel available 24x7?

Yes, our doctors are available 24x7. When we fail to connect you with specific specialist/super-specialist doctor immediately, our Healthcare Technical Associates (HTAs) make sure to give a call back and connect you as soon as the doctor becomes available.

Can I call HelloDoctor24x7 in emergency?

Yes, We could help you in locating nearest hospital and finding an ambulance and other emergency medical services in case of medical emergency.

Can I speak with specialist/super-specialist doctors?

Yes, you can talk to top specialist & super-specialist doctors as per your choice. We can connect you with them according to their availability.

Can I use it for my family or my friends?

Of course, you can. You could always help your near ones using your registered mobile number.

Can I get a prescription?

HelloDoctor24x7 does not provide prescriptions. It is always doctors' decision to offer the best treatment.

Is my electronic health record safe?

All your health records are kept encrypted and safe.

How can I send my feedback to you?

You can send your feedback to us at or you may call us at 0674-66-55-555 for a chat.

How does HelloDoctor24x7 get benefit from this service?

We get benefit from service charges on every transaction.